Performed at Dansescenen  in September 2002 and at Festival de la Nouvelle Danse, France in June 2003


In 2002 Mute Comp. participates in Dansescenen’s competition Dansolution with the performance "WaterLoop". The performance is voted “Favourite of the Audience” (Publikumsfavorit).


"WaterLoop" is a surreal story about how it is to suddenly experience a fata morgana in your own living room. A strange wet man visits another man in his home. With poetic pictures, humour, physical theatre and a Coca Cola with an attitude the two men fight throughout a touching story.


IDEA, CONCEPT AND CHOREOGRAPHY: Jacob Stage and Kasper Ravnhøj.
LIGHT DESIGN: Michael Breiner.

PRODUCTION LEADER: Jesper Sønderstrup.


SPECIAL EFFECT: Kasper Ravnhøj.

EXTRAS: Peter Skyttehave, Storm P, Jacob Toftager, Pete Sanchez and residents in Uzes.

PRODUCTION: Dansescenen







Junge Hunde Festival, Kanonhallen, June.


Mute Comp. is selected to participate in the festival Junge Hunde and performs "Nowhere Café" in Kanonhallen in June 2001. The performance becomes one out of five performances which Kanonhallen chooses to offer for international sale.


"Nowhere Café" is about Nothing and Everything, but mostly about two men who do not know where they are in their lives. Nowhere Café participates in Dansolution – a competition for choreographers at Dansescenen.










Mute Comp. debuts in May with the performance "Galefyrsten" in Terra Nova Live Art Room.The performance is restaged in the autumn as a result of overwhelming audience interest.


"Galefyrsten" is based on Elgard Jonsson’s autobiographical book about the boy Elgard, who is admitted to psychiatric care. Here he is seen simply as a case, but after seven years of incarceration, the trainee Barbro Sandin emerges; she sees the human being in Elgard, cures him and paves the way for Elgard so that he gets the opportunity to become a therapist at the very hospital where he was held for seven years.