9 - 10 June 2017 at Dansekapellet.

Special workshop on 8 June with Merel Heering.  Read more.



The ticket covers both days.


With LAB:DANCE, Annette Max Hansen/Mute Comp. (DK) and Thomas Schaupp (D) are initiating a new seria of annual seminars arround dance and related art-fields. In interweaving theoretical and practical approaches, each edition of LAB:DANCE will provide a nutritious ground for profound knowledge-transfers and discussions on and arround specific topis. This very first edition will concentrate on the notions of „dance-dramaturgy /collaboration“.


Dramaturgy is a relatively new profession in the dance-field. And yet, as a practice, it refuses any applicable definition. LAB:DANCE tries to grasp it in thinking about dramaturgy as and of collaboration and collaborative practice. It seems to be a major and all to often „missing“ qualitative tool to enhance artistic processes and influences the way of how to work together. But what is it that dramaturgy provides in order to be considered as this new magic weapon in the performing arts? And to which extend does this „need“ for dramaturgy reflect on current questions on how we want to live together in times of radical changes?


LAB:DANCE invites theory-practical contributions from different fields and practices, such as dramaturgy, choreography, dance-theory and curatorship into a moderated format based on lectures, artistic interventions, impulse sessions and tea-times.

The conference takes place during CPHStage 9. and 10 June. We are also offering a workshop by Merel Heering on 8 June.

Speakers, lecturers, hosts and artists: Rudi Laermans, Erna Ómarsdóttir, Kirsten Maar, Maja Zimmermann, Thomas Schaupp, Merel Heering, Ricardo Carmona, Efva Lilja, Miriam Kongstad, Mateuzs Szymanówka. Giorgi Spanderashvili and Kasper Ravnhøj.

The conference is a collaboration between Dansekapellet, Mute Comp. the Goethe Institut, DDSKS/FurtherEducation, CPHStage and supported by The Danish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Fund and Knud Højgaards Fond.


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10:00 -11:00        Breakfast welcome

11:00 -11:30        Introductory speech THOMAS SCHAUPP (D)/ANNETTE MAX HANSEN (DK)

11:30 -12:30        Lecture: Co-Structuring Complexity. Notes on Dramaturgy’s Complicity in                                             Composing Dance RUDI LAERMANS (B) incl. questionnaire

12:30 -13:30        Lunchbreak

13:30 -14:30        Lecture: To hold space by MAJA ZIMMERMANN (D) incl questionnaire

14:30 -15:00        Artistic Intervention by ERNA ÓMARSDÓTTIR (IS)

15:00  -15:30       Coffeebreak

15:30 -16:30        Artist talk KASPER RAVNHØJ (DK)/ ERNA ÓMARSDÓTTIR (IS)

16:30 -17:30        Impulse Session hosted by RICARDO CARMONA (D/P)

17:30 -19:00        BBQ in the garden

19:00 -20:00        SWTLO Performance



10th of June CONFERENCE-DAY 2


9:00 -10:00         Breakfast welcome

10:00-11:00        Lecture: In between dramaturgy as translation – Prolongating the state of                                            indeterminacy KIRSTEN MAAR (D) incl questionnaire

11:00 -11:30       Artistic Intervention by MIRIAM KONGSTAD (DK)

11:30 -12:30       Lecture: Mapping dance practice – Georgian case. South Caucasus Contemporary                              Dance & Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi by GIORGI SPANDERASHVILI (GEO) incl                              questionnaire

12:30 -13:30        Lunchbreak

13:30 -14:30        Lecture „Does it look like Meg Stuart?” Dramaturgy as a practice of                                                         compassion by MATEUSZ SZYMANÓWKA (PL) incl questionnaire

14:30 -15:30        Impulse Session hosted by EFVA LILJA (S)

15:30 -16:00        Closing by THOMAS SCHAUPP (D)/ANNETTE MAX HANSEN (DK)

18.00 -19.00        BBQ in the garden and mingling