In 2013 Kasper Ravnhøj was nominated for a Reumert in the category DANCER OF THE YEAR for his performance in NAGHOL.


NAGHOL is the name of a recurring ritual in the Pacific island of Pentecost. A manhood test, which consists of a bungee jump ritual from 30 feet with vines tied around the ankles, have just as accurately measured up to your head must carve the earth, when lianas unfolds.

For a long time Kasper Ravnhøj has been fascinated by the rituals as a concept, step language, narrative and physical exercise. Many works of his have been opened with choreographic material based on a ritual action (with focused elements, forcing the dancers together for complicated enumerations, or risk-taking and repetition).

The inspiration for NAGHOL is found historically, politically, religiously and personally. Everything from prayer and funerals, weddings, shamanism, trances, and circumcision. The orbiting sense of communion, desert wanderings in the Australian outback and Neptune Baptism when rounds equator. We find it fascinating that while we in the North hide chocolate rabbits at Easter they whip themself with broken glass on the Philippine island Marinduque!


NAGHOL rediscovers the importance of rituals and understand their qualities.


NAGHOL is based on choreographic material created at the Portuguese festival Angel Art Festival in August 2012. NAGHOL was originally created as a duet between Kasper Ravnhøj and dancer Louise Hyun Dahl, but functions now as solo.











DANCE: Kasper Ravnhøj.

STAGE DESIGN: Johan Kølkjær.

LIGHTDESIGN: Michael Breiner.

PHOTOS: Jacob Stage.


DURATION: 15 min.



- During the international theatre festival Asteroiden at Teaterøen, August 16th and 17th, 2014.

- In Malmø, Lund, Kristianstad og Helsingborg, April 2013

- At Ravnedans Festival in Norway, July 2013.

- At the National Theatre of Iceland in connection with Reykjavik Dance Festival, August 2013.

- At BALTOPPEN LIVE in Ballerup, BORA BORA in Århus and LABORATORIET, MUSICON in Roskilde during DK-tour in November and December 2012.

At Carlsberg during Culture Night, October 2012.