a performance by Kasper Ravnhøj and Stian Danielsen

Produced: 2016

Touring in 2017/18

13-15 October, Bærum Kulturhus, Norway (Norwegian premiere)

3-11 March; Dansekapellet, Denmark (Danish premiere)

24 March; Regionteater Väst, Sweden

29 March: Regional Arena for Samtidsdans, Norway

8-10 June, CPH:Stage, Denmark

27/27 October: Nordkraft, Denmark


Sleeping with the Lights on is a collaboration with Norweigan dancer and choreographer Stian Danielsen and Danish producer Lene Bang: A performance that is inspired by the heath-death-of -the-universe theory from the 1850s. This project brings together two highly physical artists along with an amazing European creative team.

Since April 2017 dancer Alexis Fernández is replacing Stian Danielsen.

Choreographer/Dancer: Stian Danielsen

Choreographer/ Dancer: Kasper Ravnhøj

Dramaturge: Thomas Schaupp

Music: Tomas Elfstadius

Light Designer: Martin Myrvold

Costume Designer: Line Maher

Producer: Lene Bang Org.

Producer: Annette Max Hansen/Mute Comp.


Sleeping with the Lights on is coproduced with: Regional Arena for Samtidsdans, Norway; Bærum Kulturhus; Regionalt Kompetensesenter for Dans, Norway; Dansareana Nord, Norway; Regionteater Väst, Sweden.

The Performance is funded by The Danish Arts Council, Arts Council Norway and The Nordic Culture Fund.









Information for presenters:

Sleeping with the Lights on will be touring from 14 March 2017


Contact: Annette Max Hansen

+45 22 44 90 86

Sleeping with the Lights on Tech rider

Sleeping with the Lights on plot

"Its crazy, its fun and they are dancing their arses off !!"

Magasinet KBH


A duet with two choreographers and dancers

It all began with a letter from one choreographer to the other. An invitation to challenge each other, to spend so much energy together and to move so much that it would heat up the world. It became the starting point for „Sleeping with the lights on“, a physical dialog between Kasper Ravnhøj and Stian Danielsen. Inspired by the theory of the heat-death-of-the-universe, Ravnhøj and Danielsen are dancing together in an intense ritual that attempts to bring the world closer to its ultimate fate. „Sleeping with the lights on“ invites the audience into an immersive space, in which body, sound and light gradually accelerate in speed and heat until all culminates into a thermo-dynamic implosion – marking an end and also a new beginning.


"In a simple way, you may say that we are two expressive dancers and choreographers who want to use a very hardcore physical movement language to bring so much heat into the void that in the end of the performance, we will kill the entire universe."

Kasper Ravnhøj

   Kasper Ravnhøj      Thomas Schaupp        Stian Danielsen