Teaching, workshops and
master classes


Mute Comp. Physical Theatre move on the edge of the physically possible - a feature of Kasper Ravnhøj’s distinctive movement language that has also become known as crash dance.


Teaching is an important part of Kasper Ravnhøj’s work and he is an influential factor in the spread of dance, physical theatre and the movement language underlying his choreographies. Attending a workshop or a master class with Kasper Ravnhøj include elements of improvisation/acting, Tanztheater, contemporary dance and contact improvisation with an emphasis on flow, flexibility and partner work.


Since he is working with themes and specific physical tasks as motivation for the movement, rather than formalized technique, participation does not necessarily require any dance experience but more importantly: a willingness to take risks and literally throw oneself into the mix.


Facts: For more than 10 years Kasper Ravnhøj has taught his style and methods to people ranging from amateurs to professional dancers, actors, performers, directors and choreographers.


He is to be found among the faculty of established Danish institutions like the Academy of Performing Arts, the Acting School at Aarhus Theatre and the Royal Danish Opera Academy. Kasper Ravnhøj has also taught and given master classes at The Royal Danish Theatre/ Det Røde Rum, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Danish Actors Association Teaterhøjskolen Rødkilde, K.U.B.A, Café Teatret, Den Rytmiske Daghøjskole, Sceneindgangen, DanseHallerne, Kimpro Copenhagen, Teater Hund, the acting school Ophelia, Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School, Copenhagen Art School, Produktionshøjskolen Brøndby, Rytmisk Center and others.


Internationally he has given master classes and workshops at Bard College in New York, Danscentrum Syd and Dansstationen Malmö, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Korean National Sports University, Korea National University of Art in Seoul, and at international festivals in Saint Petersburg, Oslo, New York, Beirut and Reykjavik.

Kasper Ravnhøj teaches at Korea National Sport University and Korea National University of Art in Seoul. February 2014. Photos by Mette Hornbek.